Saturday, December 9, 2006

Transferring the Hosted Content

Well, here I am. I took a break from Friday evening until this evening and then got back to work, and I have just finished the most terrible and nasty job of transferring the hosted site content over to Pericles.

Compress, copy, uncompress, change a few paths, add to /etc/hosts to "trick" the server into thinking the DNS is pointed here already when its still really on the old box, and edit /etc/apache2/pericles.conf (I include this from the main httpd.conf file) to tell it to pull from instead of the real VirtualHosting IP. Run apache2 -k restart, and try it out in Firefox. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. About 35 times.

One of the things I had to do was set permissions on the web files so that my scripts were able to write to the folders they needed to. In Ubuntu, the default Apache2 user seems to be www-data.

After testing all the sites, it is now time to set up the necessary FTP accounts with access to their proper folders, to change the IP *back* to the real one in the pericles.conf, to install a fresh grab of the mysql database, to change the IP of the machine itself, and then to physically swap boxes and bring the new server online. After that, I expect chaos :-) Just kidding. I think I've checked everything out. I'm also limiting myself to finish this in the next 3 hours or else to hold off until another night so that this operation doesn't run into morning time.

I'll report back again once more progress has been made.

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