Friday, March 27, 2009

Calling Microsoft

I had to call Microsoft to activate my copy of Windows XP Pro (too many re-installs), and I was surprised at how HORRIBLE their user interface was. When you call, the first thing you hear is a error loud chime. The same sound you hear when you try to do something that is not allowed. Then, after answering a couple questions, you are asked to read off about 40 digits. After each set of 6, there is another (different) error chime. I won't even mention that there is no way to shorten the call by answering the questions prematurely .. but that's another topic.

So, I figure, either someone designed the call-in program who had never really used Windows to any large extent (and thus did not recognize that the sounds would put fear in the hearts of their callers (maybe a Mac user!)). Or, they did it on purpose to try and scare off the software thieves.